Kumaraguru Microcosm is an eco-sensitive initiative to making a coexisting, inclusive and sustainable environment for a quality life of the humans and all other living partners with a vision to create a campus ecosystem of balance and influence. Microcosm is a multi-year programme carrying projects of environmental sustainability, to create a grand eco-future. This initiative aims to build a sustainable ecosystem by 2024, the 40th year of KCT and to continue to exhibit the acts of sustainability, for sustainability being the omnipotent.

Sustainable Goals

Energy and Emission

Reduce the per-capita carbon footprint of the campus by 40% in 2030.

Water Security

Become a water resilient campus by using various methods to harvest every drop of rainwater, recycle used water and optimize water usage on campus.

Waste Management

Zero Waste Campus by 2024 by making sure all the waste generated in the campus is recycled and reused. Biodiversity Enrichment Kumaraguru campus home to 4000+ Trees, 65+ species of birds and 40+ species of butterflies. We will double the biodiversity by 2024 to make it an abode of Urban Biodiversity.


Take Sustainability Education to every single student and Staff in Kumaraguru Campus through structured education programs.

Volunteering Hours: 4000+

Awareness Hours: 4000+