ProtoSem is a 15 week intensive skills & competencies development programme launched by FORGE exclusive to FINAL YEAR students in technical education. The programme is aimed to enhance the innovation, design, technical and entrepreneurial skills of the students & nurtures them to identify real world problems, validate the problem with the support from experts and user(s) and engineer a technology solution through a managed innovation process of prototype building. The possibility that some of these prototypes getting ready for production and launch as products and solutions in the market makes this programme a highly outcome oriented.

Innovation Practicum

Innovation Practicum is a first-of-its-kind program, that offers expert training, tech and innovation mentoring, adaptive leaning, tinkering and exploration apart from tools and creative technologies covering IOT sensors & networks, 3D printing, desktop fabrication, industrial automation, robotics, low-volume electronics manufacturing & assembly, artificial intelligence & machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing etc.