About the Programme

M.Tech – Masters in technology management (MTM) is envisioned to shape the students as technology leaders through a robust curriculum and pedagogy. The program will focus on key areas – technology, data, agile processes, and organisation change management. It offers a structured approach to learn specific skills & competencies across four semesters in an industry integrated model. During the first semester, students shall adopt to the Fundamentals of technology management in new emerging technologies that can transform the industrial era; In semester two, students shall acquire advanced technology expertise and business acumen; in semester three, students shall action the learning into Innovative models/products/solutions that solve real world problems in hack labs; and during the fourth semester, shall apply the learning in the real world through Global/National immersion in cross cultural teams. The program shall also provide opportunities to connect and collaborate with to nurture them as industry ready technology leaders with capabilities for a digital transformed workplace.

Program Highlights

  • Courses taught by Industry experts and Technology practitioner
  • Experiential learning modules and optional credits to get hands on experiences
  • Applied learning models in emerging advanced technologies in Hack labs to design new innovative solutions, products, or models
  • Opportunity to learn through online/blended/on-campus/ and application-based learning pedagogies
  • Opportunity to work with cross cultural teams through industry – institute partnerships in India & abroad for immersive learning.
  • Semester-long real time Industry engagements & projects
  • National and International certifications under Choice-Based Credit System


POs & PEOs (From NBA Perspective)

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

At the end of the program

  • PEO 1: Graduates shall become management professionals who would plan, evaluate, deploy, and manage emerging technologies in organisations
  • PEO 2: Graduates shall be able to lead technology teams in an organisation and shall create business value through rigorous execution capabilities.
  • PEO 3 Graduates shall become professionals in leading research and innovation initiatives in technical enterprises to introduce new technologies that aligns with the organisational goals.


Program Outcomes (PO)

Upon completion of the Master of Technology Management program, the student will be able to:

  • PO1: Apply their capabilities acquired in technology management to identify business solutions that would impact internal efficiency and external market growth
  • PO 2: Identify, analyse, and integrate solutions for industrial digital transformation
  • PO 3: Adapt and work efficiently with multidisciplinary teams across various organisational levels.
  • PO 4: Exhibit an ethical and responsible behaviours in all business decisions


Thrust Areas

  • Industrial Digital Transformation
  • Industrial Sustainability
  • Innovation Management
  • Product design & development
  • Textile Technology


Opportunities after this course

  • Technology Manager
  • Technology Consultant
  • Product Designer
  • Product Engineer
  • Agile portfolio manager
  • Technology analyst
  • Technology Architect


Program Powered by – Forge Accelerator

Forge is catalysing national-scale industrial digital transformation by enabling Government and Industry to collaborate with Innovators, harnessing entrepreneurial innovation and leveraging its vertically integrated incubation capacity covering industrial innovation labs, knowledge & financial resources, program capabilities, and partner networks.

Forge intends to provide a nurturing ground for the development of future-ready technologists with broadened perspectives eager to learn across multiple disciplines and motivated to emerge as multifaceted innovators, creators & builders of the digital era.

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