WEBINAR on “J-GATE: Engineering and Technology E-Journals to enhance your Research“

Event by:

Mahatma Gandhi Central Library


Dr. M. Prasad
Librarian, MGCL
[email protected]

Date: 16th May 2022
Venue: Microsoft Teams


The broad objectives of this orientation program are to impart necessary skills in navigating this e-resource to students and faculty and help them retrieve a set of very focussed results useful to them in their academic work. Use of Boolean connectors, wild cards, word stemming etc will be used in the construction of effective search strategies.

In addition, this resource is now mobile compatible and prospective users can use it from out-of-campus as well and link to full-text of research papers.


Mr.Ravi Shankar 
Senior Training Manager
Informatics Global


Dr. M. Prasad
Librarian- MGCL
Kumaraguru Campus


Ravi Shankar has a basic degree in Electronics engineering from the university college of engineering Bangalore, and a research background in Aerospace engg. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

After this, he joined the Dept. of Atomic Energy (Power Projects Division) where his responsibilities were primarily in the installation, test and commissioning of Distributed Digital Control Systems, SCADA and PLC systems used in Atomic Power plants.

Parallely, he was also responsible for setting up tropo-scatter and line-of-sight antenna systems used by the Ministry of Communications.

After 12 years with the Dept. of Atomic Energy, he joined a French oilfield services company, Schlumberger, who had a very strong global presence in Automatic Test Equipment for testing VLSI boards used in radar applications. In this domain, his responsibilities were in maintaining radar and avionic systems deployed by the Defense and Space Ministries with mixed signal (analog & digital) test capabilities.

He spent 4 years with Schlumberger after which a two years stint followed at the the Research labs of Philips in Eindhoven where he was assigned to a group developing EW (Electronic Warfare) and ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) systems for use in NATO deployed applications

Currently with Informatics Global, his interests are in training and managing the Company’s large base of consortia clients across the country.