Pyrate Land

Organised by:

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, School of Innovation.


Faculty Coordinator:

  1. A.Bhuvaneshwaran/AP – [email protected] / 8072671021

Student Coordinator:

  1. Nisanth T – [email protected] / 8946034399
  2. Ashvath Narayanan N S – [email protected] / 9944046187

Event Coordinator:

  1. Pyconnect

Date: 25th June 2021 - 26th June 2021

An event to celebrate the beauty of Python and appreciate it’s capabilities, where anyone can participate from beginners to pro. It has brain twisting events which improves our thinking and problem-solving skills.

Experience an enthralling feel in pretty patterns by coding for the patterns given! Excogitate to sort out the errors in Bug Breakers!

Try out mind boggling questions of theoretical type in Mind Bogglers event!

Have great entertainment in the PyConnect game, fun assured.

Code to resolve the real time problems which will be brain twisting in the Persistent Keys event.

Pyrate Land is a two-day online event organised by the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. The Programme will be conducted on June 25 ,2021 (Friday) and June 26, 2021 (Saturday). The participants will be exposed to questions based on Python with various difficulty levels. The programme includes five different events.

  1. Pretty Patterns: The event has been setup through Google forms. Here, the participants will be provided with two different set of questions. First one involves provision of a set of programs for which participant have to find a suitable patternized output and the Other one will provide a set of patterns for which participant should find the apt program. The accurate answers are to be submitted within the given time.
  2. Bug Breakers: The event has been setup through Google Forms. Here, the participants will be provided with a number of Python codes which will have some logical and syntactical errors in it. Firstly, the participants should find the bugs and then solve the errors by editing or modifying the code so that they could turn out with a proper output. Shortly, to debug the given code and make it error-free. The accurate answers are to be submitted within the given time.
  3. Mindbogglers: A Few theoretical questions on Python concepts will be given to the participants through google forms. The participants must answer all the questions and submit the form before the stipulated time.
  1. PyConnect: The event will be held through google forms. Using the set of images provided, participants have to connect those and find the names of various software and applications that were built using Python. This event is similar to the connection game.
  1. Persistent Keys: The event will be held through Hackerrank. The participants have to code for real time problems using functions. The code generated by the participants must pass all the test cases.

The top 5 best performers will be selected from each event. A final event with quality standard questions will be conducted with shortlisted participants on the second day of the programmee. Based on the performance, the winner will be rewarded.

Date:     25th June and 26th June 2021

Registration link:

Target audience or criteria for applying: Students with sound knowledge in Python programming

Mode of event:  Online Mode (Hackerrank, Google Meet)

Agenda if any:

  • On 25th June –Pyconnect,Bug Breaker,Pretty patterns events will be held
  • On 26th June – Mind Blogger, Presisent Keys events will be held

Duration of the program/event: 2 days

Selection process if any: No

Benefits of attending or takeaway of events:

  • Basic understanding and benefits of python programming
  • Gain knowledge about various python concepts
  • Explore hidden concepts of python
  • Analyse and solve brain twisting problems based on python
  • Assured with enhanced problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

• The participants will gain deep insight on the standard of questions by solving various levels of Python problems.