National Eco Quad Challenge (NEQC)

First time in the Country

Event by:

RiG – Re, iQube, Garage
Kumaraguru Institutions

Organised by:

Kiranlal S
Coordinator – NEQC


Vishnu V
Co-cordinator – NEQC
[email protected]

Date: 03rd April 2021 - 04th April 2021
Venue: Kumaraguru Institutions, Coimbatore

About NEQC
Kumaraguru Institutions takes great pride in announcing National Quad Eco Challenge(NEQC), an electric Quad bike design and development competition for Engineering students across the country. The competition is first of its kind in India and will serve as a platform for aspiring students to exhibit their skills in electric vehicle designing.

The competition provides the students a new opportunity to show their talent and apply the skills in electric vehicle designing. NEQC provides a great platform to display the knowledge and skills the students have gained in electric vehicle design. The experienced panel of jury can provide critical analysis and feedback of the teams’ performance. In this way, NEQC can prove to be a great source of self-evaluation for students and help nurture their experience and skills further.

NEQC will be conducted as two separate competitions in 2021.

  1. Virtual
  2. Main event/ Dynamic round

For the Virtual round, The teams are judged on the following factors:

  1. Knowledge of the rule book,
  2. Design Philosophy,
  3. Knowledge on the Basic automotive design,
  4. The project plan,
  5. Business plan and the design evaluation plan

In the main event the students have to showcase their built vehicle to the judges. The team will will be judged and awarded on the basis of the following two sections:

  1. Static test:
    a. Cost estimation
    b. Aesthetics and Quality of the Built
    c. Design evaluation
  2. Dynamic test:
    a. Braking test
    b. Acceleration test
    c. Maneuverability in different terrains
    d. Hill climb
    e. Sludge Pull etc.

If the pandemic situation improves considerably, we will conduct the dynamic event / Main event in August 2021.

Therefore considering the Pandemic situation it is decided to conduct the Virtual round and Dynamic event/Main event as separate competitions.

For the Virtual round, The teams will be awarded based on their Design Presentation

  1. Design Winner
  2. Design Runner up

Click on the respective links for Guidelines and rules:

  1. Virtual presentation guidelines for teams
  2. Rulebook