AICTE Training And Learning(ATAL) Academy Sponsored Five Days Online Faculty Development Program on Mathematics for Data sciences

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School of Foundational sciences
Department of Mathematics
Kumaraguru College of Technology


AP(SRG) in Mathematics
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Dr. R.Marudhachalam,
Associate Professor of Mathematics
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Date: 26th July 2021 - 30th July 2021

School of Foundational Sciences

 Department of Mathematics

The  school of foundational Sciences instills a strong base in Applied sciences and English language to the students of Engineering and Technology. Thereby, it acts as the bedrock of all technological Sciences. The Department of Mathematics is an integral part SFS having  dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty members. The Department offers various papers in Mathematics discipline for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. The Department strives to maintain an ambiance that augments the learning process and aspires to bring out the dynamics of the discipline through FDPs, Courses, Seminars, Research and Public services. The Department provides several Mathematical tools for students in order to better comprehend the ideas.

 About  the FDP-Mathematics for Data Sciences

Mathematics & Statistics are the founding steps for data science and machine learning. The techniques of modern data science, including machine learning, have a deep mathematical underpinning. This FDP is aimed at imparting knowledge and training on the fundamentals of interdisciplinary field of data science with its different aspects. The main objective is to make the participants familiar with emerging field of data science along with fundamental concepts of mathematics. This FDP focus on both Mathematical and Application part which in turn help Mathematics faculty to learn the application and computer science based scholars and faculty to understand the basic principles of Mathematics in Data Science.

Expected Outcome of this FDP

  • Evolving advanced teaching and learning process in the field of Mathematics and its applications in data science.
  • Carry out the predictions to analyze the importance of variables in real time datasets.
  • Enhance problem statements and possible solutions for the industry and research perspective.


Topics to be Covered :

  • Linear Algebra for Data Analysis
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Linear algebra methods in machine learning – Case study
  • Bayesian Statistics for data analysis
  • Inferential statistics
  • Data analysis and regression techniques
  • Introduction to machine learning paradigm
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics
  • Optimization Techniques in machine learning
  • Neural Networks – Applications to Object Classification Problem
  • Combinatorial structure (Graph) for Data Analysis
  • Data pre-processing using Python
  • Data Visualization techniques
  • Case studies

Expert lectures will be delivered by Eminent academicians from IIT, NIT and reputed institutions and industry.

Who can register?
The faculty members of the AICTE approved institutions, research scholars, PG Scholars, participants from Government, Industry (Bureaucrats/Technicians/Participants from Industry etc.), CBSE Teachers

No registration fee for the participants

Registration is mandatory for all the participants

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The certificates shall be issued by ATAL academy to those participants who are registered on ATAL portal  and attend the program with minimum 80% attendance and score minimum 60% marks in the test.