Three Days Faculty Development Programme | BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS

Three Days Faculty Development Programme | BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS

Three Days Faculty Development Programme | BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS

About the Programme

Block chain technology is a decentralized distributed public digital ledger which uses the concept of crypto currencies for business purposes. The three days programme discuss the basics of block chain technology, smart contracts for businesses, supply chain management ,global transactions and trade financing techniques in the current market. By attending the three days programme the participant can learn the recent technologies about the block chain technology.

Objective of the Programme

  • To learn the crypto currency techniques
  • To learn the retail technologies and rewards
  • To know the techniques about tax regulation and compliance
  • Managing the Internet of Things networks
  • Equity Trading


Day 1 – Intro To Block chain

  1. What is Block chain?
  2. Why is Block chain so revolutionary?
  3. A Brief look at Bitcoin
  4. Cryptography
  5. Deep understanding of Bitcoin Design
  6. Consensus algorithms
  7. Programmable Block chains – Smart Contracts
  8. What’s a DApp?
  9. Block chain Transactions
  10. Future of block chain
  11. Block chain Synergy with other cutting edge technologies
  12. Business Use cases


Day 2/3 – Ethereum

  1. History, Concept, and design of Ethereum
  2. Understanding network architecture
  3. Basic concepts of Ethereum
  4. Setup of the development environment
  5. Toolchain Configuration
  6. Smart Contract Development
  7. Debugging
  8. Token design and implementation
  9. Design patterns, SW engineering best practices
  10. Understanding security implications
  11. Limitations in Ethereum
  12. Future of Ethereum – Enterprise Ethereum, Sharding, Proof Of Stake


Day 3 – Hyperledger Fabric

  1. Overview of Hyperledger family
  2. Applications of Enterprise block chain
  3. Enterprise block chain and public block chain
  4. Hands on session


Resource Person
Mr.Bharath Mallapur
V.P – Technology Evangelist, Emurgo Academy, Bangalore



Students and faculty from any Technical Universities/Engineering Colleges of Tamilnadu.

Registration fee
Full Time Research Scholar – Rs 1000 | Faculty – Rs. 1200

Accommodation details
Accommodation will be provided to the participants on request and payment basis.
Date of Intimation of Selection: 28/06/2019 (Intimation through E-mail).

REGISTER HERE before 27 June, 2019


Address for Communication
Department of Information Technology,
Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore-641 049

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