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Mahatma Gandhi Study Centre houses a photo gallery and books written on Mahatma Gandhi. It also has seminar hall with all required facilities. Lectures on Gandhian principles are organized in this centre regularly for the benefit of the students.

Gandhian Youth Movement (GYM), a youth wing of Mahatma Gandhi study centre, was inaugurated with the objectives of inculcating Gandhian thoughts in younger minds. Mahatma Gandhi study centre and Gandhian youth movement adopted Idikarai village in Coimbatore district to create awareness on anti-alcoholism. Members of Gandhian youth movement frequently visit schools for differently abled to teach them the Gandhian principles and thoughts on Independence Day and Republic Day. Mahatma Gandhi study centre and Gandhian youth movement organize Gandhian week during October 1st week on account on Gandhi Jayanthi (2nd October) and Sarvodaya week during January last week on account on Sarvodaya Day (30th January).

Apart from the above activities, Mahatma Gandhi study centre and Gandhian youth movement organize Gandhian Youth Training Camp in various places once in a year. Mahatma Gandhi study centre and Gandhian youth movement maintain “thought boards” in Kumaraguru College of Technology campus in which Gandhian thoughts are written daily.

Mahatma Gandhi study centre and Gandhian youth movement initiated an awareness program on eye donation in the name of “விழி விதைகள்”. “A vision without action ism just a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time but an action with a vision is making a positive difference! “Quarter of the World’s blind people is residing in India at present. The main motive of eye donation is to reduce the number of people with corneal blindness. After the eyes are acquired the eyes will be processed by the eye bank and supplied to the eye specialists who will transplant the corneal tissue into the eye of a person blinded by corneal disease. All parts of the eyes are useful. The cornea of the eye is used for transplantation. The other parts are used for retinal reattachment surgery and important research. NO EYES ARE WASTED. Any person can be a donor, WEARING GLASSES, AGE AND RELIGION of the person makes no difference.


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