Yugam 2023-Rules and Regulations

Date: March 2, 2023


  1. It is mandatory for students and staff to wear their respective college ID cards.
  2. All the students must wear the Yugam I.D. card. If we find students using fake IDs or tickets, strict actions will be taken.
  3. All the external students are asked to wear their respective college I.D. cards along with their participant Yugam I.D. cards.
  4. Without a Pro-Show ticket, the outside college students will not be able to witness the pro-show.
  5. Participants and students will be permitted only through the Main Gate (North gate).
  6. All the participant’s vehicles are asked to park outside the Main gate (North gate). Only the registered vehicles (vehicles that has already received permission from security office and management) are allowed to park within campus.
  7. The West Gate (back gate) will be closed before 5.00 PM.
  8. It should be realized that the success of the program depends on the co-operation of the students.
  9. The students must be decently dressed.
  10. In case of students found intoxicated or consuming prohibited substances, severe actions will be taken as per institution policy.
  11. Bags and luggage are strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  12. Online food deliveries are not allowed during YUGAM days.
  13. During Yugam days (March 02- March 04), out passes will not be given for both boys and girls.
  14. Angadi will be closed before 7.00 p.m.
  15. Students should not engage in any activities that disturb the program.
  16. Any activities that disturb the special invitees or the celebrities must be avoided, and the decorum must be maintained throughout the program.
  17. Roaming around the classroom or other premises unnecessarily during the performance is strictly prohibited.
  18. Hostellers should go to their respective rooms within 15 minutes after the pro-show.
Strict action: Internal students:
  • May face suspension and not less than expulsion from the institution depending upon the recommendations of organizing and disciplinary committee.
External students:
  • May face cancellation of registration without refund, no participation certification, prize certificate or prize money will be issued. The individual's inappropriate behavior may affect their team as well.