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S. No Date Nature of the Event Title of the Event Duration Venue Event Coordinator Resource Person Targeted Participants
1 21.09.2017 “Motivational perspective “ Motivational Talk 2 hrs Admin Block Seminar Hall K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar ” Mr. Vijay Mohandas, Innerpreneur & Director ,Sivasakthi papers,
Coimbatore. (1993-1997 Batch/ECE)”
II ECE students
2 07.10.2017 Technical Workshop Design and Testing of Antenna, Microwave Components using CAD-FEKO and VNA 3 hrs VLSI lab Dr.K.Kavitha,R.Darwin,R.Karthikeyan “Dr.P.Sandeep Kumar (2007-2011 Batch / ECE),Research Asst. Professor, SRM University, Chennai.” External and Internal students
3 12.10.2017 Technical lecture Guest Lecture on wearable systems and pervasive applications 3 hrs Dept Conference Hall Prof.K.Ramprakash, K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar “Dr.Vigneshwaran , Research fellow at the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR),
Singapore. (1998-2002 Batch/ECE).”
III ECE and PG students
4 13.10.2017 & 14.10.2017 Technical workshop Two-Day workshop on VLSI Design: Inside an ASIC 2 days Dept Conference Hall Dr. K. Paramasivam, Mr. Timothy D Paul, Mrs.K Thilagavathi,Mr Arun Kumar “1) Mr.Shabeer Rasheed, Director Engineering, HMicro India Pvt.Ltd,Bangalore.(1998-2002 Batch / ECE)
2) Mr.R.Perumal Raj , Engineer VLSI, HMicro India Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore.(2013-2017 Batch / ECE)
3) Mr.Jahir , Engineer VLSI, HMicro India Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore.(2012-2016 Batch / ECE)”
III ECE students
5 02.11.2017 “Motivational perspective “ Motivational talk on “Future Engineering Careers” 2 hrs II ECE A class room Dr.K.Kavitha,Dr.M.Bharathi,Dr.A.Amsaveni Mr.K.Sufian Founder , I Qube & Intel Software Innovator, Bangalore.(2009 -2013 Batch/ECE) II ECE students
6 02.11.2017 Awareness Program Career Guidance Program on “Public Sector” 2 hrs III ECE C class room R.Darwin Ms.G.Sabari Priya, Executive Officer, Airport Authority of India, Chennai. (2010 -2014 Batch / ECE). III ECE students
7 08.11.2017 Technical Lecture-Industry related Guest lecture on “Autonomous driving” 2 hrs Dept Conference Hall Dr.S.Uma Maheswari Mr.Nambiraj Sekar,Senior Software Engineer,System Test Expert, Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions Ltd, Coimbatore.(2009-2013 Batch /ECE) III ECE students
8 09.11.2017 Technical Lecture-Industry related Guest Lecture on “Industrial Automation 2 hrs II ECE B class room K.Jasmine Mr.J.Srinath, Project Engineer, Robert Bosch Pvt.Ltd Coimbatore.(2013-2017 Batch/ECE) II ECE students
9 09.11.2017 & 10.11.2017 Technical workshop Two days workshop on Fundamental digital electronic Design with Verilog HDL 2 days Dept Conference Hall and VLSI lab Ramprakash.K, Thilagavathi.K, Arun kumar S “Mr.J.U.Nambi (1987-1991 batch), CTO, Lyle Technologies, Coimbatore.” III ECE students
10 10.11.2017 Awareness Program Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Industry” 2 hrs III ECE B class room K.Jasmine Mr.Shyam Project Engineer, Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd,Coimbatore.(2013-2017 Batch/ECE) III ECE students
11 18.01.2018 Technical lecture Guest Lecture on Recent Trends and Employment Oppurtunities in IOT, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence 2 hrs Dept Conference Hall .K.Ramprakash, K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar Mr.S.Ravishankar, Solution Architect (Big Data/Machine Learning) at Nielsen, Chicago (1999-2003 Batch /ECE) III ECE students
12 02.03.2018 Technical lecture Guest lecture on “Military Drones” 2 hrs Admin Block Seminar Hall Dr.Sundararajan Mr. Jayakrishnan N Nair, Commander-Indian Navy(Retd).(1987-1991 Batch/ECE) III ECE and Aero students
13 23.03.2018 -2 hrs Technical Lecture-Industry related RF Engineering in Mobile Communication 2 hrs III ECE B class room Prof.K.Ramprakash, K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar Mr.N.Senthil Kumar, RF Sub divisional Engineer at BSNL, Salem.(1996-2000 Batch/EEE) III ECE students
14 29.03.2018 Technical Lecture-Industry related Basics of Switching and Routing 3 hrs Dept Conference Hall Prof.K.Ramprakash, K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar Mr.S.Manoharan,Senior Staff Software Engineer at Vyatta, a Brocade Company,Bangalore.(2003-2006 Batch / ECE) III ECE students
15 11.04.2018 Technical lecture Key note Session on “Innovations in Communication and Telematics” 3 hrs Admin Block Seminar Hall Dr. K. Paramasivam,Dr.K.Kavitha “Dr. G. Vinoth, B.E,M.S, Ph.D(USA),Startup Evangelist & Mentor ,Technology Management Consultant, Pongu Ventures, Tirunelveli.(1996-2000 Batch/ ECE )” External and Internal students
16 02.05.2018 Technical Lecture-Industry related Overview on VoIP and IMS 2 hrs Dept Conference Hall Prof.K.Ramprakash, K.Thilagavathi, S.Arun Kumar Ms.S.Sujatha ,Architect, Wipro Technologies, Chennai..(1993-1997 Batch / ECE) III ECE students




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