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Doctors can cure diseases; Biotechnologists can create a world without diseases.
– Moto of the ABT


The Department of Biotechnology has started the Association of Biotechnologists to bring out the inherent potential of the students pursuing a career in biotechnology and beyond.

For current academic year (2016-17), the privileged office bearers are as follows:


President Ms. Sumana Mathi
Treasurer Mr. Soundaram R
Secretary Ms. Geetha AM
Joint Secretary Ms. Krithika B
Assistant Treasurer Ms. Sanju Vikashni
Executives Ms. Deepthi Suresh
Mr. Gowrishankar .M


This year the ABT has planned to bring in the hidden potentials of the student. The biggest achievement is the segregation of students into three categories -BIG , CCC AND EC.

THE BIOTECH INNOVATORS GLACIER (BIG) is the portal for students with a creative mind and the curiosity to accelerate towards creating a better society and to improve human welfare with new innovations.

THE CORE CULTIVATION CULTURE (CCC) serves as a platform for those students who wish to excel in their field of interest. With CCC at their aid they would receive hands on training that would enhance their skill in the subject.

THE ENTREPRENEUR’S CREW (EC) This portal welcomes all the CAT and IIM aspirants. These students would be exposed to the basic managerial and business tactics and also help them in initiating their own start ups.

The segregation of students into their passion would definitely help them in excelling in their career and mould their soft skills. The association regularly conducts events and seminars to hone up the students’ skills and to keep the students updated on the various advancements of biotechnology.





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