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With technology pervading through our veins and arteries, it is high time we get to know about them with an engineering perspective. So, KCT started the Department of Bio-Technology in 2002 and has been offering B.Tech [ Industrial Bio – Technology ] programme. Being a department which has very specific skill sets as the objective of education, the curriculum is constantly upgraded. Also, faculty members are trained, as and when required, in a constantly evolving field of engineering.



From the HOD’s Desk


Welcome to the Department of Bio-Technology !


It is our pride and privilege to give you a snapshot of the activities ofbiotech_hod the Bio-Technology Department. The Department commenced its academic and scientific journey in the year 2002, and built up ambience and infrastructural facilities for effective academic and research activities over the period.Our students have excelled in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The faculty members engage in effective curriculum delivery and research on socially relevant projects. Most of our graduates get placed in MNC’s, the rest pursue higher studies in reputed institutes at home and abroad. Our graduates, spread all over the world, are the dynamic ambassadors of our performance!





To create a strong teaching base in the area of Bio-Technology through technical knowledge dissemination to the students, and to scale new heights in research by combining the concepts of professionalism, social justice, environmental impact and human ethics for the welfare of the general public.





– Disseminate a blending of knowledge acquisition and its application in real-life situations to the students.

– Equip the students to adapt to changing global and local needs through well designed curriculum and syllabus.

– Groom students to uphold professional ethics and develop leadership qualities.

– Train students on issues related to social welfare.



Program Educational Objectives


PEO 1 – Successful professional career and/or higher studies by gaining knowledge in fundamental mathematics and biological principles (Cognitive objective)


PEO 2 – Provide strong foundation in the core biotechnology courses to evaluate real life problems and to propose biotechnological solutions with economical and social viability (Affectionate objective)


PEO 3 – Sensitize on environmental, health and bioethical issues, Intellectual property rights, professional ethics and life-long learning through application orientated activities (Behavioral objective).



Program Outcomes 


PO1. An ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals in the areas of biotechnology, such as Bioprocess engineering, Genetic engineering, Bioinformatics, Downstream processing etc.,


PO2. An ability to identify and analyze the complex biotechnology-oriented problems and to nurture the issues by providing appropriate solution


PO3. An ability to design a bio-based system, component or process or protocol to address the essential issues related to public health, environment, society, culture


PO4. An ability to design, analyze, interpret and conclude the biological data using broad research based knowledge


PO5. An ability to educate the appropriate selection and application of current/ modern engineering techniques/ tools in the area of biotechnology


PO6. An ability to inculcate awareness among the students about the impact of various biological issues related to society, ethics, health, culture and safety


PO7. An ability to understand and demonstrate the need for the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions for addressing the environmental issues aligned with society


PO8. An ability to realize, commit and apply professional ethics by means of technology practice


PO9. An ability to inculcate the habit among students to function efficiently as an individual or in multidisciplinary teams


PO10. An ability to communicate effectively through verbal and written mode with technical audience


PO11. An ability to create competency in the engineering management, finance principles and its application in multidisciplinary projects


PO12. An ability to recognize the need for life-long learning for sustaining professional career.


PSO1. An ability to apply the knowledge of food/medical biotechnology to solve problems by providing appropriate solutions.


PSO2. An ability to understand and design solutions for biological process engineering related to biotechnology and environment.






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