Research activities


Department of Mechanical Engineering has been recognized as a center for pursuing research programme leading to PhD degree by Anna University from 2003.


Completed Research Projects


S.No Name of the Faculty Project Name Funding Agency (National / International) Grant received in Rs. (Lakhs) Year of approval
1 Dr.A.Mohanakrishnan MODROM-CAD/CAM LAB AICTE 5 2000
2 Dr.T.M. Haridharsan, Mr.K.G. Maheswaran, Mr.S.R. Rajabalayanan Development and Standardization of solar concentration technology AICTE 0.5 2003
3 Dr.T.M Haridhasan, Mr.V.R Sivakumar Standardization of performance parameters and estimation of emission levels using jetropha oil as extender for diesel Ministry of Non Conventional Energy sources 4.35 2004
4. Dr.V.Gunaraj, Dr.V.Velmurugan Investigation of heat floe and its influence on the weld quality of thick plates. AICTE 5 2004
5. Dr.P.Sathyabalan Fabrication and characteristics of flyash, SiC metal matrix composites” was completed KCT 0.25 2007
6. Dr.T.Kannan, Mr.R.Sudhakaran Studies on pitting corrosion and ferrite number of duplex stainless steel claddings deposited in pulsed GMAW AICTE(RPS Scheme) 5 2008
7. Dr.V.Muthukumaran Investigation of Behavioral characteristics of Bio-Materials under surface treatments KCT 0.60 2008
8. Mr.R.Sudhakaran, Mr.S.Nagaraja Investigation of thermal performance of solar crop dryer using heat pipes KCT 0.25 2008
9. Dr.P.Palanisamy, Mr.P.S.Sivasakthivel, Mr.M.Subramaniam Studies on cutting force and stability in end milling AICTE(RPS Scheme)   9 2009
10. Mr.C.Velmurugan, Mr.R.Vishnu Investigations on the effect of heat treatment on wear properties of AI6061 metal matrix composites KCT 0.35 2009
11. Mr.P.S.Sivasakthivel, Mr.M.Subramaniam Modeling of tool flank wear and role of temperature in predicting flank wear in end milling KCT 0.40 2009
12. Mr.T.Vengatajalapathi, Dr.A.S. Krishnan Experimental Investigation on Electronic Equipment KCT 0.40 2009
13. Mr.B.Senthilkumar, Mr.M.Balaji Prediction and optimization of the Bead shape parameters in austenitic stainless steel claddings KCT 0.40 2009


Ongoing research work in the department


S.No Name of the Faculty Project name Funding agency (National / International) Grant received in Rs. (Lakhs) Year
1. Dr.S.John Alexis, Mr.P.S.Samuel ratnakumar Assessment of material properties of A5083 MMC for using UANs operating in low temperature region Institution of Engineers, India 0.4 2015
2. Dr.G.Ramakrishnan (ASP(SRG)/FT), Mrs.B.Poongodi (AP-1/MBA), Dr.C.Velmurugan (Prof/Mech) Enhancing livelihood of handloom weavers through technology upgradation and training in Samathur block, Pollachi , in Tamil nadu Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology 15.65 2015
3. P.S.Samuel Ratna Kumar, Dr.C.Velmurugan Development and Characterization of Multi-wall carbon nanotube reinforced Aluminium Composite for low temperature applications KCT Management 2.26 2016
4. Dr.V.Muthukumaran, Dr.C.Velmurugan Characterization of Titanium alloy under ion implementation KCT Management 0.65 2016
5. D.S.Ebenezer Jacob dhas, S.Subbiah Experimental investigation on machining properties of Aluminium hybrid composite material KCT Management 0.60 2016
6. S.Sivakumar, S.B.Nithyanth Experimental investigation of Mixed Mode Nano Coated FORCED Convection Solar dryer KCT Management 0.53 2016
7. Dr.R.Manivel Performance investigation of Automobile Radiator with Nano coolants KCT Management 0.50 2016


Industry Projects


S.No Project Title Industry Faculty Involved
1 Study on the effect welding variables on dilution in Inconel 625 claddings deposited by GMAW Cameron, Coimbatore Dr.P.K.Giridharan, Mr.V.Manivel muralitharan, Mr.B.Senthilkumar
2 Fabricated valve design Cameron, Coimbatore Dr.P.Sathyabalan, Mr.S.Sivakumar (AP-III)
3 Study of weld thermal cycle, temperature distribution and cooling rates in weldments of Inconel 718 alloy Cameron, Coimbatore Dr.P.K.Giridharan, Mr. M.Thirumalaimuthukumaran
4 Erosion modelling in CFD Cameron, Coimbatore Mr.K.Ulaganathan, Mr.V.R.Navaneeth
5 Efficiency improvement of blowers used in ring frame installed at textile mills. Lakshmi Electrical Drives Ltd, Coimbatore. Dr.R.Manivel, Mr.S.Sivakumar (AP-III), Mr.B.Jeeva





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