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With science constantly evolving, more branches get out of the already existing ones when there is a scope for them. Electrical and instrumentation engineering is one such branch. The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation was started in the year 2006 and offers a 4 year B.E. degree program. The department has a team of well qualified, highly experienced and dedicated faculty members with industrial and research background. Since its inception the department has grown in infrastructure and dissemination of knowledge within and outside the curriculum.





To produce Instrumentation Engineers and researchers specialized in Control and Electronics Engineering who will strive to find new avenues of improvement in the growing technology.





• To create high standard curriculum to keep up with the pace of growing technology.

• To offer state of the art inquisitorial practical oriented training to make them world class technocrats.

• To set up research laboratories.


From the HOD’s Desk 


I feel proud to introduce the department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, one of theE & I youngest departments of KCT established in the year 2006. Electronic Instrumentation engineering. is specialized branch of electrical and electronic engineering, which focuses on the principle, and operation of measuring instruments and process control systems which are used in design and configuration of automated systems. These engineers work for industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability,safety, optimization and stability


Within a short period we have established all our laboratories which are required for the curriculum and also some specialized equipments and software which help the students to do their projects. We have a dedicated faculty team who strive for excellence in all what they do and help students gain knowledge by way of teaching , by demonstration , by industrial visits and by way of assignments.


Instrumentation engineering is a multi-disciplinary field wherein there is scope for students to pursue their higher studies or career in the streams of Electronics, Instrumentation or Control.


Nature of work of an instrumentation engineer ranges from designing, developing, installing, managing equipments that are used to monitor and control machinery and processes. We have placed our students in core industries like Bosch, TVS, Saipem, ECON, etc. Many of our alumni have successfully cracked CAT and GATE to gain entrance into the high portals of higher education. Also we have our students pursuing their higher studies in US, UK, Germany and Australia.


We in our department are constantly striving to update our curriculum and syllabus to incorporate technical advancements in the fields of electronics, instrumentation and control. What we cannot accommodate in our curriculum we provide as value added program like hands-on session/workshop/guest lectures by academicians and industry experts.


Our faculty also keep themselves updated by attending faculty development programs and by interacting with industry personnel.


As Scott Adams rightly puts it “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available they will create their own problems”, we try to instil confidence in our students to search for problems in industries and try to give solutions for it.




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