Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory


Laboratory Area : 181.23 Sq m

Equipment cost : ₹ 4,78,103


List of Equipments

Fuel analysis Test apparatus

Abels flash and fire point apparatus

Aniline point apparatus

Reid vapour Pressure Test apparatus

Bomb Calorimeter

Boys gas calorimeter

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue apparatus with 5 Nos. Cooking

Copper Corrosion Test Apparatus

Cloud and pour point apparatus

Red wood viscometer

Say Bolt Viscometer

Ash content Test

Distillation Range apparatus

Standard Penetrometer

Drop Point Apparatus

Cut Section Working Model of Lubricating System



Contact Info

College      : 0422-2661100
Fax             : 0422-2669406
Placement : 0422-2661515
Principal    : 0422-2661121
E-mail        :

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