Automotive Electrical and Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory Area  : 139.41 Sq m

Equipment Cost   : ₹ 5,34,668


List of Equipments


– Exide Battery With Battery Hydrometer
– High Rate Discharge Battery Tester
– Battery Volts, Amps Meter & Battery Charger
– Auto – Electrical Test Bench
– Mock Layout Model of Passenger car – Electrical wiring system (Maruti Car)
– Mock Layout of a Two Wheeler – Electrical wiring system
– Cut Section Model of Alkaline Battery
– Cut section model of power windows with one door
– Study of Rectifiers and Filters
– Characteristics of Amplifiers
– Study of IC timer
– D/A Converter
– A/D Converter
– 8085 Microprocessor and its interfacing kits
– Simple Data Acquisition
– Interfacing of stepper motor control with PC interface
– Sensors RTD, Load Cell, LVDT, Stepper motor
– Demonstration Board of Electronic Ignition System of An Automobile Four Wheeler
– Demonstration board of Electronic ignition system of a two wheeler
– Ignition System Fault Diagnosis Using a Test Rig
– Logic gate trainer kit
– Dell optiplex 3020 SFFu_1




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College      : 0422-2661100
Fax             : 0422-2669406
Placement : 0422-2661515
Principal    : 0422-2661121
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