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Aviation has been the fantasy of every human being till it became reality in the twentieth century. It is also the dream of every engineering college to start an Aeronautical department. The curiosity into the fact that an aircraft is made of one million parts could have been a start. The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was started in the year 2006. Since its establishment, the department prepares scientists/engineers for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation and operation of aerospace vehicles and related engineering systems. We achieve this through our commitment to: educational excellence, creation, development and application of technologies critical to aerospace engineering systems and to the architecture and engineering of complex high-performance aircraft, spacecraft, and rockets. Given the current policy of open – sky and modern airports being built, operated and managed by private entrepreneurs, it is estimated that by the year 2015, India will have more than 50 airline operators and at least 1000 more aircraft to cater to the needs of a 100 million air passengers in India. Consequently, tremendous job opportunities will open up in the categories of design engineers, maintenance engineers, ground staff, ATC staff, aircraft repair organizations, airport managers, researchers at aerospace establishments and research / educational institutions etc.


In view of the above, the department is progressing with a vision and a strong commitment in developing competent career orientated programmes and providing excellent training to the students. The department has three aircraft with one four-seated CESSNA172D with ground run condition for laboratory demonstration.


From The HOD’s Desk


Congratulation for choosing Aviation as your career! Kumaraguru College of Technology has always been THE destination for the excited and ambitious young students for pursuing Engineering. The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, with a balanced mix of highly experienced Aviation experts, distinguished scientists and well informed and highly motivated young faculty members is pioneering in setting high standards of teaching-learning process and in shaping the students into Industry-ready Aeronautical Engineers.


The department is well equipped with Airplanes, engines and other labs. The department has three airplanes out of which one is maintained in a fully functional condition, two aero engineers for practical hands-on experience and skill development. The Aerodynamics Lab is well equipped with a low-speed wind tunnel.


Your decision to join our department does us proud and it is our privilege to welcome you aboard the Kumaraguru Aerospace Plane for an exciting, thrilling journey to your dream stars in the next four years.Welcome, Check-In and pick up your Boarding Pass.





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